About Local Hero

Our Story

REAL By FAKE is a North American boutique visual production company that provides producers and studios with ROI-maximizing services for prestige streaming series and talent-driven indie films.


Founded, co-owned and operated by colorists, Local Hero has been supporting the feature film community since 2006.  With over 120 feature DI credits, Local Hero has been innovating in the field of digital intermediate and feature finishing ever since.

Local Hero has been file-based since opening day, specializing in making digitally shot films look their best.  With our deep understanding of all things RAW and digital cinema, Local Hero has been helping to push the digital revolution in Hollywood forward, helping filmmakers create films that don’t look plastic or digital.

Local Hero has built a loyal following of directors, DP’s, producers, and post supervisors, who rely on us to help them map out their entire production chain, from what cameras to shoot, through onset services, to dailies and finally DI, finishing, and delivery.

We are also developers of technology.  Local Hero has been partnered with ASSIMILATE, the makers of the SCRATCH dailies and DI platform, for 5 years, helping develop this cutting edge system and have used SCRATCH exclusively on all our feature projects.  Having a very close relationship with the makers of our tools enables us to stay on the very bleeding edge of the ongoing workflow revolution.


“With the savvy hands of Leandro Marini at the helm, we were able to do color grading side-by-side with things like beauty work and even some VFX – such as changing skies, adding assorted lens flares and creating or extending light beams from lighting instruments that couldn’t be practically photographed – right inside of the grading session.  It was an eye-opening experience for me, and I know all directors of photography will fall in love with this way of working.”

Julio Macat

Pitch Perfect
The Wedding Crashers
The Nutty Professor

“Local Hero cared, from day one.  They got on board with the movie and took us all the way through the process with skill and great care.  We set looks before we ever shot a frame.  Those looks carried into dailies, my edit room and eventually into our finish.  Plus…they’re on the westside!!!”

Helen Hunt

Then She Found Me

“We had a very tight Cannes deadline on our film.  Also, we had a very specific, almost polaroid style in mind.  Quite a challenge for any facility.  Local Hero handled a complicated DI quickly and efficiently, and the film is getting acclaim for how good it looks.”

Scott Derrickson Director

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Deliver Us From Evil

“I’ve trusted Local Hero with many of my most important films.  They’ve done dailies, DI, VFX, delivery, everything.  And they have ALWAYS come through.  I’ve thrown every kind of challenge at them and watched them manage them deftly.  Nowadays, when I know Local Hero is on a project, I can relax and move onto more pressing issues, knowing that that part of the process is in good hands.”

Jonathan Shore
Post Production Supervisor

Pitch Perfect
Escape from Planet Earth
The Company You Keep