REAL by FAKE Provides Full-Scope Integrated Visual Production Services for Prestige Streaming and Indie Shows

Visual Effects

From digitally-enhanced action sequences and period establishing shots to driving shots, set extensions, character repositioning and scene stitching, RBFs in-house VFX team delivers invisible solutions that tell stories powerfully. We specialize in:

  • Supervision
  •  2 & 2.5D Compositing
  • Virtual Sets
  • Clean-up, Beauty, Object Removal, Sky Replacement, etc
  • 3D Elements



Post is where it all comes together. From Pre-production to Dailies, editorial, Digital Intermediate and Final Delivery, RBF teams work with you throughout the entire post process. We deliver in all phases of post.

  • Workflow design and look development
  • Dailies (in facility or on-location)
  • Editorial services and rental
  • Final color grading and finishing
  • Titles and credits
  • Sound design, editorial and mixing
  • Mastering and delivery to all studios and streaming services

BLACK SUMMER Image Courtesy Netflix


Featuring several PGA members, RBF has extensive credits co-producing feature films and prestige TV projects. We’ll join you in your development phase to help:

  • Raise financing
  • Map out the entire workflow bible for the show
  • Map the VFX strategy (practical vs computer)
  • Support camera tests, lends choices and CODEC choices
  • Finance tax incentives in Canada and Georgia

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB Image Courtesy Focus Features

Tax Incentive Financing Partnerships

Tax incentive and production credit programs in the US and Canada can provide Producers and Studios with major cost savings. RBF works with you to

  • Negotiate maximum possible rebates/credits
  • Provide low-cost bridge financing to minimize or eliminate cash outlays
  • Manage and traffic all paperwork related to incentives and rebates

THE MORNING SHOW Image Courtesy Apple+


EditAvance is An RBF-exclusive framework for rapid, cost-effective Director-centric post-production. Constantly upgraded based on our work on shows like BIG LITTLE LIES and SHARP OBJECTS, EditAvance currently features

  • Hybrid Editorial/VFX Workflows that maximize Director capability to enhance performances and environments
  • Songs (in addition to or instead of composed scores) as musical baselines
  • Maximum Director creativity via rapid iterations of alternate visual concepts during Editorial



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